Webinar | Deep Dive: Conditional Rendering, Enabling, and Actions with Skuid

“Finally—conditional rendering for table columns!”

That’s a viewer quote from our Skuid Brooklyn release webinar, where we first introduced the ability to show or hide a table column, based on any condition, when building an app in Skuid.

Since conditional rendering gets us and our users so excited, we decided to dig a little deeper into conditional rendering, enabling, and actions with Skuid.  

Join Skuid co-creator Zach McElrath for a free live webinar about how you can use conditional rendering, enabling, and actions to create made-to-order apps that show you what you want to see—when you want to see it.

Tune in:

Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017
Time: 1–2 p.m. EST
Duration: 1 hour

See what you want to see.

With Skuid, you can conditionally render nearly any component of your user interface based on declarative conditions that you define. Tabs, buttons, form fields, table columns, navigation items—all of these and more can be configured to dynamically, conditionally display in response to data from any of your data sources, user details, page context, or user interactions.

In this deep dive webinar, we'll cover how you can use clicks, not code, to:

  • Conditionally render any Skuid Component, in real time, in response to user input
  • Conditionally enable or disable Fields, Table Columns, and Buttons
  • Conditionally render Tabs within a Tab Set
  • Toggle the visibility of any Component via Action Sequences
  • Run conditional Action Sequences via branching logic
  • And more!

We'll also talk about new Conditional Rendering features—coming soon!