Ready to create the apps you imagine and accelerate user adoption? We can’t wait to show you how you’ll be able do just that with Skuid App Templates. Design, develop, and deploy your apps faster than ever with the building blocks for best-in-class apps already provided—from CPQ, to Salesforce automation, to employee or partner portals and beyond. Customize these ready-made templates to your heart’s content without racking up backlogs or technical debt.

Kick-start your design and build.

App Templates are sophisticated apps for specific business use cases. Get everything you need to start creating great enterprise apps now, and then iterate until you meet your specific needs.

Find a web app builder template that meets your needs.

Based on the success of other Skuid users, App Templates will reflect tried-and-true Skuid use cases, including: 

  • Account Management
  • Contact Management
  • Inside Sales Contact Qualification
  • Opportunity / Pipeline Management
  • Forecasting
  • Configure / Price / Quote (CPQ)
  • Portals (Customer, employee, partner, education)
  • Mobile Account and Meeting Management
  • Invoicing
  • Customer Survey
  • Case Management
  • Applicant Recruiting and Tracking
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Employee Information Management
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Education
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Executive Dashboard

Get infinite customization—without code.

Tailor App Templates to work the way your people do, without writing thousands of lines of code.

Accelerate user adoption.

Boost adoption and maximize returns on your software investments by creating engaging applications that people want to use. App Templates come with a consumer-grade look-and-feel that you can customize at will to match your company’s brand and processes.

Ready to accelerate your projects? Let us show you Skuid App Templates today.