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How industry leaders engage, optimize, and accelerate their sales teams

Great sales teams can generate incredible results, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. But even high performing salespeople are held back by inefficient processes and tools. In fast-paced, high-pressure environments, software that doesn’t fit right may be used incorrectly, or worse—completely discarded.  

Salespeople need tools that help them optimize their processes, better engage with prospects, and ultimately accelerate sales. To accomplish these goals, most high-tech companies agree that it’s worth it to invest in sales software.

But many high-tech companies aren’t seeing a return on that investment.

In this free white paper, we’ll examine what’s driving persistent sales technology challenges in the high-tech industry, and how enterprises can leap over the hurdles.



Download the white paper to discover how high-tech industry leaders launch sales solutions faster—without sacrificing design— and leverage existing resources to drive success. The results are compelling:

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- Intuit transforms sales process in 8 weeks

- Procore increases sales pipeline production by 50%

- Unidesk increases its sales pipeline by 200%

Leading to quotes like:

“We saved thousands of lines of code,” — Amanda Joslin, group product manager at Intuit

“I have seen a tremendous uptick in day-to-day production,” — Doug McDaniel, business development representative at Procore

Learn from these industry leaders:

- Facebook

- Cisco

- Apple


You'll also explore:

- What current sales software does well in high-tech, and where there’s room to improve

- The value of designing sales solutions for the people using them

- The obstacles to improving current sales processes and technology