Businesses today need to automate processes at scale in order to win, serve and retain customers. However, businesses face significant obstacles.

Demand for software climbs ever higher, but traditional app development cycles can prove slow and expensive. The business experts who know the most about the processes an app should automate may only be included at certain stages of the project, resulting in apps that don’t meet the needs of employees, partners, or customers.

Something needs to change.

In the 2019 report “Now Tech: Rapid App Delivery, Q1 2019” Forrester Research cited Skuid as a rapid application delivery provider, whose primary functionality segment is in low-code for application development and delivery pros. The report focuses on vendors who produce digital process automation solutions for wide deployments (DPA-wide) and low-code development platforms.

Skuid believes that these platforms can help enterprises automate processes and deliver apps quickly, by making it possible for them to::

  • Create enterprise applications up to 10x faster.

    Enterprises can speed through the app development process using declarative tools and automated app deployment.

  • Scale as platform value grows.

    Rapid app delivery often starts small. You can begin your app development journey at low cost and low risk, then expand as the value of the platform grows in your business.

  • Incorporate business experts in the development process.

    Rapid-app-delivery platforms empower business experts to automate processes themselves, or make it possible for them to contribute to developer-led projects.

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